Dr. Ditzler, D.C. has been studying nutrition for over 35 years. In your initial visit Dr. Ditzler utilizes a nutritional exam, a symptom survey, spinal, orthopedic and neurological exams to analyze where the problem lies and a course of treatment, that will include diet, supplements, exercise and a series of chiropractic adjustments to help the patient regain their health and then maintain their health.

Dr. Ditzler started on his nutritional journey during undergraduate school in the field of chemistry. After obtaining a BS in chemistry, he then went to chiropractic school and continued courses in nutrition through post graduate courses in order to add nutrition services to help his patients achieve better overall health.

There are basically five factors of health:


1.    The air we breath
2.    Water we drink
3.    Food we eat
4.    The nerve system that controls our body
5.    Our mental attitude

 Most of these five factors we can control:

1.    The air at times may be questionable
2.    The water can be filtered and/or purified
3.    Whole food with little to no pesticides and/or herbicides or processing of the food
4.    A fully functioning nerve system free of vertebral subluxations (pinching of nerves) that allows the body to function optimally
5.    Positive mental attitude

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Baby boomers are aging. There will soon be more older people than children.  


The key to having good health and mental function was the topic of a recent seminar I attended.  In America the main driver of bad health is the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Oxidative stress caused by Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) are the main culprit.  AGE's are foods cooked at high temperatures such as deep-fried food, roasted, broiled and grilled foods.  All processed foods such as hot dogs, French fries, crackers and processed cheeses are all a problem.  

Ways to reduce AGE's are to slow cook your meat and avoid processed “fake” food.  A Mediterranean diet would be indicated with various herbs to help the metabolic pathways function better to get rid of normal metabolic waste.  Failure to follow these guidelines result in what are termed “chronic diseases” such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and Alzheimer.

As a mentor of mine once said, “You haven't seen anything yet”.  The rate of these conditions in America are growing exponentially. The question is, do you want to have good health as you age and will your brain function properly?  

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