How diet improves female hormonal health

female hormonal health


Female hormonal health can be enhanced by various methods. One of the ways to help is by evaluating the diet. Hormonal health needs to have an abundance of good fats in the diet. Fish, chicken, beef, eggs, avocados, butter and fish oil are all examples of good fats that will enhance the hormonal system. Why? Hormones are made from fat, cholesterol fat. So to limit fats/cholesterol in the diet, which women will do because they don't want to get fat, is the wrong approach. Carbohydrates are what causes women and men to gain weight, not good fats. Carbohydrates cause insulin to be produced from the pancreas, which is a fat promoting hormone. This will promote the storage and production of fat for a rainy day. Unfortunately, in America, there is no rainy day so people keep getting fatter causing the obesity/diabetic crisis that we now see in America.

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What Vegetables Help Detoxify the Liver?

Another area to look at for hormonal health is the amount and type of vegetables in the diet. We need an abundance of vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables. Brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, swiss chard, garlic, onions, beets, asparagus and cabbage are all examples of cruciferous vegetables. Why these vegetables? They help to detoxify the liver. Liver health is very important for hormonal health. The liver gets rid of toxins in the environment such as xenohormones, helps to get rid of extra estrogen, conjugates estrogen and helps to create estrogen. Also the liver, if working well, will form bile with the waste products which helps to emulsify fats (break down fats) to enable the body to utilize the fats we ingest to make hormones.

One more area to explore for hormonal health is the toxins in the environment. Xenohormones that I mentioned early are things in the environment that can mimic estrogen and can be called estrogen disruptors. Herbicides, pesticides, makeup, plastics we cook in or store food in, drinking from plastic bottles and other toxins found in foods, our households and yards are examples of xenohormones. These toxins are responsible for various illness and cancers that we find in America.

Since I am a chiropractor I will mention that the nerve system, starting from the brain down and out between the vertebreas, controls all the functions of the human body. So a well functioning nerve supply is vital to a person's health. We can suffer from car accidents, sports injuries and home injuries which can cause a misalignment of the spine that will affect nerve supply to the various organs, glands and tissues which can then cause a loss of health.

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