Low Back Pain and Sciatic Pain


Low back pain and sciatic pain are among the most common conditions that a chiropractor treats in his/her office every day.  If you are suffering from low back pain give us a call now at 858-452-2202.

Low Back Pain

Most low back conditions start with an injury or trauma such as an auto accident, work injury, sports injury or home injury.  The trauma causes the vertebrae of the spine to misalign which at that time may or may not show up as pain.  The progression is that the disc, the pad between the vertebrae, needs to move one to the other in order to pump the disc to keep it plump.  If there is no pumping action (think of the disc like a sponge), then the disc dries out and becomes thinner (desiccated disc).  The vertebrae separated by the disc makes up the hole (Intervertebral foramin or IVF) where the nerve comes out from the spinal cord and goes to, in this case, down the leg and causes pain in the low back and may then travel down the leg (ie Sciatica).  Chiropractors then will “adjust” the spine to put movement into the vertebrae to take the pressure off the nerve to help relieve the back pain and therefore the sciatic pain.

Gonstead and Low Back Pain

As a chiropractor who is the only Gonstead Diplomate in the area, I would take x-rays to see the extent of the degeneration of the disc and to see how the vertebrae have misaligned in order to see how we need to adjust the spine.  Chiropractic in general and Gonstead chiropractic specifically has a very good success rate on treating low back pain and therefore sciatic pain.

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