The Gonstead Technique of Chiropractic

The Gonstead technique was developed over years by a Dr. Clarence Gonstead who practiced chiropractic in a small Wisconsin town from 1928-1978. Over that time, he developed one of the largest chiropractic practices in the world in this small town of about 3000 people. It was said that 90% of his patients came from more than 100 miles away. Over time he built a large motel to house the patients. As time went on many chiropractors prevailed upon Dr. Gonstead to start teaching what he was doing. The seminars he presented had a very large following and over time turned out a lot of good chiropractors that practiced the Gonstead technique.

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I have attended over 60 of those seminars that are still being presented by the Gonstead staff. I am also a Gonstead Diplomate in that I have taken a written, practical and oral exam to show my knowledge of the technique and have kept up on that certification over my years in practice since 1985. 


What is unique about the Gonstead technique? The main premise is that when a vertebrae misaligns it will move posterior (backwards). How do we know this? By taking a full spine x-ray of the back and then a full spine x-ray from the side. Why? Because that is the only way to tell what a spine has done over time due to accidents, injuries and traumas. This also gives us the knowledge to figure out how to adjust the spine to get the best results for our patients in the least amount of time. There are some chiropractors that don't take x-rays but they are guessing about your spine. Another hallmark of Gonstead is digital palpation ie touching the areas in questions looking for swelling and lack of movement of the spinal segments. All vertebraes should move, one vertebrae to another. Lack of movement is usually where we will find the problem with pressure on the nerve, then go to the x-ray to determine the best way to adjust the spine to get the best result. One other uniqueness of Gonstead is to take into account the nerve supply from the brain down and out to every organ, gland and tissue of the human body. The nerve system controls the heart, lung, stomach, kidney and everything in the body. The nerve system controls you and we can help the body work better by making sure the spine is in good condition so the nerves can get to every organ, gland and tissue. 


Chiropractic is way beyond “my back hurts”. In the chiropractic world, Gonstead is looked at
as being the best chiropractic technique available.

I have always noted that when a chiropractor gets in
trouble with his spine, they tend to seek out Gonstead doctors to help fix the problem.

Welcome to Gonstead chiropractic!

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