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Nutritional counseling entails finding out where a person is nutritionally, i.e., health status and using various chiropractic methods and nutritional pathways and food to help the patient regain their healthy physiology. This may involve chiropractic adjustments to help the body's electrical system regain homeostasis, changes in one’s food/dietary habits towards proper nutrition and exercise to pump the blood and nutrients to the outer reaches of the body to help repair and regenerate the various organs, glands, and tissues.

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One of the biggest challenges we have in today's modern world of physiology gone awry is our obesity and diabetes crisis. In the United States, the number of people that are obese is approaching 60% of our population. The medical costs for this population are on the road to bankrupting our economy.

To understand how we got here, we need to look in to the past. I tell my patients to watch and/or remember the movies in the 40s and 50s and notice how people were thin and in shape. What happened? Around the early 80s one study on about 2,500 V.A. men found that of the men that had a heart attack 50% had high cholesterol and 50% had low cholesterol. From that one study, because there was no Random Control Trials (RCT's) on men or woman, the dietary guidelines for 220 million Americans was changed and the food pyramid as we know it today was created.


The prevailing attitude was meat and fat were bad, and eggs were horrible because they contained cholesterol. The average person did not like fruits and vegetables, so they increased their carbohydrate consumption to take the place of meat, fat and vegetables. Now, the average person eats mostly carbohydrates (breads and pasta) for their nutrition. Because of this altered diet, peoples' physiology has changed. Due to this altered physiology, the end result is obesity, diabetes, and early death. In 2015 the medical establishment came out and admitted their mistake.

Today nutritional counseling utilizes a nutritional exam and a chiropractic exam to evaluate a person's health status. Then, chiropractic methods are used plus exercise and changing a person's diet to increase the amount of “good” fats, proteins, vegetables, limited fruits and eliminating all refined carbohydrates. These main carbohydrates are cookies, cakes, candies, breads, pastas, and sodas. These are called empty calories. These are foods that drive obesity and diabetes. When the refined carbohydrates enter the system, they will raise blood sugar which causes the body to release insulin which causes the body to store fat. The more refined carbs that are in the system, the more fat gets deposited. The body, over time, gains weight and becomes insulin resistant, the blood sugar stays high, and a person becomes obese and diabetic.

By switching back to “real” food, the body's physiology will start to revert back to normal. In doing so, the body, by not producing insulin, will start to burn the fat as a fuel source and the weight will start to come off with the improved diet, exercise and chiropractic care to help re-establish homeostasis and better health.

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