1987 Alexandria, VA.  I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands as did my nurse's friend. She had surgery, I went to my chiropractor... She has limited use in right hand, Left hand is ok.  My hands are just fine today.. no pain and good strength.  Dr. Craig Ditzler became my chiropractor in San Diego, CA.  My carpal tunnel syndrome came back once again and he corrected it in three treatments.  He was able to take me off nexium for good. Which I have been on for over a year and I feel so much better.  He put me on a standard process iplex and greenfood for my eyes and my ophthalmologist at my two year exam said "I don't know what you are doing, but keep it up - your eyes have not changed a bit".  Big smile here.  As of now he is correcting a left knee problem i received at my exercise class.  I felt better after the first visit.  I could actually walk without limping.  I am a firm believer in Chiropractic care for my husband and I, It keeps us moving and pain free.  All I can say is, try it, you'll like it!
- D.H. San Diego, CA 

I would like to thank you all for your great services to me for the past three years ( I can't believe it's been that long!). Dr. Ditzler, thank you for all your life lessons and of course, for improving my health.  Wella and Susan thank you for all those great talks in the waiting room. It was fun learning about you and your families.  I wish all of you and your families the best! Thank you for been the best chiropractic staff I will probably ever know! Take care and God bless. 
 - E.A.  

Thank you for seeing and injured and hurting traveler on such a short notice.  You helped me have a successful trip that could have otherwise have been a disaster.  Wella was a kind and efficient person who made me feel right at home. 
- S.L. 

Thank you for all you do for me all year long; the flexibility, care and concern. I'm so thankful I found you!
- T.S.

I've been going to Dr. Ditzler, Family Chiropractic since i was about 3.  Since my mom has been working at Ditzler Chiropractic, I have been living a healthy lifestyle. I have never once regretted going to the chiropractor.  Anytime i feel sick, i come here and get adjusted and I feel superb afterwards. I feel like I would rather go to a chiropractor than a medical doctor.  All the supplements here are made of whole food products, and I feel more comfortable taking vitamins than drugs, even though some might not taste the best.  Also since I've been coming Ditzler Chiropractic I am aware of what kind of foods I should be eating and food I shouldn't be eating.  Now, instead of eating junk food for lunch everyday I eat organic whole foods.  I am so happy that i go to Ditzler Family Chiropractic. 
- C.K. Age 12, Middle School Student

It was a normal process for me as a child to go the chiropractor.  My father believed in it and so I had my first chiropractic adjustment sometime in the 1940's.  From that point on I have always had chiropractic adjustments and this has helped me to stand tall despite being 91 years young. So due to continuous chiropractic care, I am able to keep active and have a better quality of life.  I would encourage all, young and old, to look into making chiropractic care integral part of their life.  See your chiropractor! 
- E.K.