Whole food supplements are superior to vitamins

Whole Food Concentrates


Standard Process is a vitamin/whole food supplement company that has been supplying healthcare providers with nutritional supplements since 1928. The main concept is that the whole food concentrates are superior to isolated chemical vitamins. Standard Process makes their supplements from foods that are organically grown on an organic farm in Wisconsin.

To illustrate why the whole food supplements are superior to “vitamins” one needs to understand what a “vitamin” is and is not. A vitamin is a vital-amine, a protein molecule that is sensitive to heat. Maybe you have heard the term “don't overcook your food because it breaks down the vitamins”? When you overcook food you denature the proteins ie change the shape of that chemical bond and therefore change the function of that molecule. A vitamin is also referred to as a catalyst and/or an enzyme. It lowers the energy of activation to allow a chemical reaction to happen without the use of heat. All the reactions in the human body happen due to enzymes/catalysts and/or vitamins. So when you overcook foods, you tend to destroy these vitamins and therefore their function. 

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Next we need to look at vitamins that are sold in most stores. Believe it or not, they are chemicals made from coal tar, a petroleum product made from oil. I know that does not sound very appetizing. Therefore the FDA law says that vitamin C is ascorbic acid, vitamin E is alpha-tocopheral and vitamin B1 is thiamie HCL. All of these are synthetic chemicals mostly made from coal tar. Let's go back to our definition of a vitamin. A protein molecule is attached to the vital-amine. If we look at these chemical vitamins C, E and B1, they have no protein structure so therefore they are not a vitamin by definition except for the FDA law that says they are vitamins.

Standard Process makes their supplements from food, so the vitamin C compound is made from buckwheat, green pea pods and mushrooms, foods that contain high amounts of the whole vitamin C molecule. These foods are then “heated” in a vacuum designed not to go over body temperature so the vitamins are not denatured and therefore not destroyed. They retain their enzymatic/catalyst quality. 


So the whole idea to maintain health is to consume whole foods from natural organic sources. Most diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancers are termed degenerative disease because the body has degenerated due to malnutrition and/or foul nutrition. So we need to eat real food, not processed, boxed and/or canned food. So, in order to help the body recover and overcome deficiencies, we would need to consume mass quantities of real food. Sometimes that is not possible, so whole food concentrates can help fill that void in order to help repair organs, glands and tissue. 

Therefore whole food supplements are far superior to synthetic chemicals sold as “vitamins” to help a person overcome deficiencies and regain their health.

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reading labels


Man-made/fake foods have labels. Labels are put on processed and/or adulterated foods according to government standards. Processed foods are often high in unhealthy fats. They usually contain cheap fats, refined seed- and vegetable oils (like soybean oil) that are often hydrogenated... which turns them into trans fats. Vegetable oils are extremely unhealthy, and most people are eating way too much of them already.

As I’m sure you already know real foods do not have labels.  Fruits and vegetables do not have labels.  Meats and fish do not have labels.  For the health of you and your family, only eat food that is real i.e. without a label.  One way to help is to shop only the outer perimeter of the market since that is where they tend to put the real food.  The boxed, canned fake food is usually in the center of the store.  Take charge of your food and eat food that doesn’t require a label!

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