A Gonstead Diplomate is a chiropractor who has been in practice for a minimum of three years, has attended at least 238 hours of postgraduate study of the Gonstead technique and has taken a written and practical examination that test their advanced proficiency and understanding of how Gonstead works. A Gonstead Diplomate is considered an elite practitioner who uses this type of adjusting method. To become a Diplomate the class hours must be completed through attendance of a certified Gonstead teaching seminars or courses. Testing is to verify that the doctor has an accurate and broad-based knowledge of case management, x-ray listing system, analysis of x-rays and how to adjust a patient using the Gonstead system of chiropractic.

X-Rays are an Integral Part of A Gonstead Diplomates’ Analysis

In the seminars, case histories are explored in depth on how to treat patients with certain conditions and what to look for in order to get the patient well as fast as possible. X-rays are an integral part of a Gonstead Diplomates' analysis to see how to adjust a patient and to check for any contraindications to an adjustment. A Gonstead Diplomate can usually find out where a problem is on the patient, but the x- ray tells us how to adjust the spine most efficiently and at what level. We are looking at the curves of the spine and any degeneration or complications such as a scoliosis or any old compression fractures, etc.


Gonstead Adjustments

Gonstead adjustments are different than traditional chiropractic adjustments. The main premise of Gonstead is that the vertebraes of the spine will tend to subluxate (misalign) posteriorally (backwards) so we want to adjust them from posterior to anterior ie from back to front. A classic way to tell if a doctor adjusts using the Gonstead technique is if he adjusts the neck (cervical spine) with the patient sitting in a chair and the doctor is standing behind them and thrusting forward.


Gonstead X-Ray Listing

The x-ray listing system is unique to the Gonstead technique. It was developed by Dr. Gonstead and is utilized by the profession as a way to communicate between doctors how the vertebraes have subluxated and how to then adjust the spine. It is also used by the National Boards when testing doctors for their license.


Dr. Ditzler, who practices in the University City area of San Diego, CA, is the only Gonstead Diplomate in San Diego. He has been in practice using the Gonstead technique since 1985. He had already attended 12 seminars before he graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1983.  He also has a B.S. in chemistry from Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas. Dr. Ditzler has been a Gonstead Diplomate since 1989. He, over his time in chiropractic, has attended 57 seminars with the most recent seminar in June 2018 for approximately 1026 hours of study. Dr. Ditzler is probably one of the most qualified Gonstead doctors in San Diego CA and again, the only Gonstead Diplomate in town. Dr. Ditzler can be reached at ditzlerspeaks@yahoo.com and by phone at 858-452-2202. His website is ditzlerchiropractic.com.